Congratulations to All Winners! 

The results of the papalook activities were announced ~

Our winners have received their prizes one after another!

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Feeling alone during quarantine? 

  • Do you have someone that you would love to see immediately during this difficult time?

    Papalook understands your feeling of missing someone. 

  • Try posting a picture of the people that you miss a lot, share your stories and the things that you want to do with her/him after this difficult time (no matter online or offline).

  • Add #connectthroughpapalook on your social media. Get a papalook webcam and you can see his/her face in no time!

  • And DM your post link to @whatsworth.official. The result of winners would be announced on 25th of january on this landing page

Join and win the big Prize

  • 1st prize: iPhone 12 PRO MAX 256GB x 1

  • 2nd prize: AirPods Max x 2

  • 3rd prize: Papalook PA552 Webcam plus

    Papalook Shopping Bag x 300


The hashtag #notalonepapalook was blocked for some reason, if you want to win the price please join the new hashtag #connectthroughpapalook

Any of you who have joined this hashtag please send your interaction photo directly to @Papalook on Facebook

we will chose the winners and give reward! We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

And DM your post link to @whatsworth.official.

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