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You May Want to Know about AMCAP

Q: What is AMCAP for?
A: You can use AMCAP to adjust papameters of papalook webcam. And AMCAP support recording and photographing directly.
Q: What kind of computer system can AMCAP be used on?
A: AMCAP is compatible only on windows OS by far.
Q: I use other software, in which there are only few modification options. what should I do?
A: Open the software in use first, then open AMCAP. The screen of AMCAP might be black, but that doesn't matter, you could also choose options you need.
Q: How to adjust the settings of the webcam on the Mac?
A: Facetime in Mac does not support modifying the settings of webcam. Besides, AMCAP is not compatible Mac systems now. if you use papalook webcams with MAC, you may need to download other software to adjust the settings or waiting for our updation.

Q: How to use the AMCAP software?
A: The AMCAP is just a software to adjust some parameters and/or to test webcams, some settings may not be defaulted when you use other software. You could click HERE to download the software Guide.
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